Congratulations Kaden!

By JollyMedia Productions | 12th January 2016

Throughout Christmas we were extremely busy with family portraits - this included siblings being photographed together, families photographed as a whole, and even animal portraits!

Most people choose to have their photographs done in secret, so they can give them to family members as a surprise for Christmas, which we think is a lovely idea. 

However, one portrait we did over Christmas was slightly different...

5 year old Kaden has previously modelled for various companies, and is a natural infront of the camera. It has been a few years since he had some professional photos taken, and therefore he came to us with his mom so we could update his photos in his portfolio, in the hope that he would get some new modelling contracts from it. 

We love a challenge and we were determined to get as many different looks / shots / poses / outfits so that his photographs would appeal to a wide range of companies.

Kaden's mom sent his photos off to his agent before Christmas, and we were waiting to hear off her to see if they lead to anything.

We were delighted to hear over the weekend that he now has a contract with Sainsbury's thanks to our photographs!

We are so happy for him and his family, and so proud to have helped him in the modelling industry.

Well done Kaden!